AR Trails

Tamworth Borough Council is carrying out a number of projects to transform Tamworth and make it a more appealing place for people to visit.

And one of the projects that will help us to go some way in achieving that is with a free smartphone app - 'Tamworth AR Trails' which has various informative, town centre based trails on it. So far, we have three trails: the Historic Trail, Food & Drink Trail and Love Tamworth Trail. Find out more about them below or download the app onto your smartphone to see them for yourself.

photo of phoneHistoric Trail

The Historic Trail uses augmented reality to offer a new and exciting way to discover the history of Tamworth.

Hear stories told by some of Tamworth’s historical figures such as Sir Robert Peel, Etienne Bruno Hamel, Thomas Cook and William MacGregor, to name but a few. Discover the resilience of the town and how its hard working people have survived throughout the ages.

The Historic Tamworth AR Trail App tells of some of the town’s lesser known intriguing stories too. Funded by the ERDF ‘Welcome Back’ Fund, the app transports the user back in time, taking them on a walk around the town and unveiling the hidden lives of some of the town’s most fascinating characters.

Food & Drink Trail

The Food and Drink trail consists of an interactive map on which we place our different town centre food and drink businesses to highlight all that we have to offer. There are more than 60 of them! There is also a handy 'Z-card' printed version of this map, available to pick up from the Tourist Information Centre/Assembly Rooms and Castle.

This project is thanks to the ERDF Welcome Back Fund.

(It is important to note that the Food and Drink trail applies only to town centre businesses with seating.)

Take a look at 'Gordon Ramsay' visiting restaurants and bars in the town centre as part of the Food and Drink Trail launch below:



Love Tamworth Trail

A new family friendly ‘Love Tamworth’ augmented reality trail offering mini games and challenges in and around Tamworth town centre is now live.

The trail encourages people to explore the town centre using an augmented reality app to play simple family friendly mini games. Embark on the trail to explore the town and seek out 11 virtual Love Tamworth tokens by completing mini games at key locations, collect all tokens to be in with the chance to win a prize.

The app comes with a fully interactive map and guide on how to access each point. Simply follow the map to the correct locations then scan the location with your phone and wait for the magic to happen!

People are invited to spend a couple of hours in the fresh air to experience the excitement of the latest technology and discover the 11 AR locations on the trail, and people will hopefully see things in the town that they’ve not noticed before.

Check out this video featuring Tamworth's very own Spudman to show you what it's all about:

This project is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.